“Centering: you get things done faster when you’re not in a hurry.”

– Virginia Satir

Person-centred therapy is the model of therapy that provides the foundation for my client work. Meeting a prospective client for the first time, I will describe this approach and how it may apply to that individual (or couple).

I believe it is right to offer such an insight: it will allow people to decide if this therapeutic approach may be appropriate for them, offer a greater sense of ‘ownership’ and control of their prospective therapeutic process and, if they have experienced counselling therapy before – perhaps using another model of therapy – an opportunity to understand possible differences between the therapies.

The person-centred way of working may be viewed as humanistic: it recognises the capacity of people to find their answers to their problems from within their own resourcefulness. To do this however, it is often necessary to experience conditions that will enable them to achieve personal goals. If you would like to find out more about the person-centred approach, please click on the download HERE.

“…abide at the centre of your being: for the more you leave it the less you learn.”
 – Lao Tzu (6th Century BC)